What is Riesenriel?

This website is a photo blog. When you browse our pages, you will see an inventory of still images. You can also read different articles about the craft, its various styles, the people that do it, and the methods of doing it. We also offer special training, workshops, and commercial shoots for businesses and companies.

What is a photo blog?

We have to define the two terms first. The term photo refers to images and still shots. The term blog means documenting your mind and your thoughts. When you put them together, you will get the meaning of photo blogging. It is a documentation of your mind and your thoughts through still images and snapshots. Instead of words that you use on a typical blogging scenario, photo-bloggers use photographs to express themselves.

Is photo blogging only for professionals?

The author of this website is a professional photographer. But you do not need to be a professional to blog using photos. All you need to have is a passion for photography and the ability to express yourself through photos.

What seminars do you conduct?

We schedule two kinds of seminars throughout the year. One is our yearly anniversary wherein we invite all types of photographers and bloggers as we celebrate together through different exhibits and training. The second type of seminar is the commercially scheduled ones wherein we are booked by companies to do activities and training in their building or area.

Check our calendars and get a ticket right away. You can get discounts and coupon codes on products if you reserve a ticket or shop online.

Do you do commercial shoots?

Yes. If you need commercial shoots, we can definitely provide them for you. Just send us your requirements, the location, and the vision that you want to convey in your photos, and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Do I have to love photography to do photo blogging?

Yes. You have to have an innate love for taking pictures. But the thing is, you will not know it until you try photography. It is recommended that you attend seminars and take some pictures yourself to discover your love for photography and for photo blogging.