If you love taking and viewing pictures and adoring the world around us, then you will enjoy this website. You can find rest in your eyes when you check out Riesenriel. This is a photo blog that you can scroll and see all day long if you want to escape your typical routine and get a new look of your surroundings through another person’s lenses.

The website

This website is a photo blog. You can find different collections of images and photos that were taken by someone who has lived his whole life wanting to capture life at its finest. He has a passion for photography and this has translated into an inventory of pictures here in this website. You can find all of his works and his art all on this website.

The visitors of this website can see the thousands of images that he has taken throughout the years. All of the emotions that go with the photos are kept here. The background of each still picture is so rich and powerful that everyone who sees them is inspired and stimulated.

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The stories behind the photos

The artist wants to take a snippet of everyday life and make it as memorable as possible for the viewer. Sometimes, we go through the motions of our routine that we often forget that every second of our life counts. We do not recognize the charm of our environment. We do not see the beauty in the chaos in the streets and the offices.

In this photo blog, you will see different images that convey the mind of the photographer. From the cities that he has been to, to the offices that he visits, the parks that he goes to, and to the restaurants and other places that he has been part of, he takes a snapshot of all of them and makes a footprint and a memory of each good visual in the world.

Tips To Great Photos

Aside from the photos that we have on our website, we also have published articles that those who are interested in photography can take advantage and benefit from. If you want to enhance your skills in taking everyday pictures, you can read the content that we have for you. We have lots of blogs that you can save and use for your indoor and outdoor excursions. You can take pictures of your surroundings, people, and other parts of your environment. Apply everything that you learn from our content.

We also provide workshops for everyone who is excited about learning more about the technical details of photography. We have a team of professional photographers who conduct pieces of training to individuals or groups. Depending on the level that you are currently in, we have customized programs just for your team. You can boost your skills through our workshops. Check our calendar for our yearly schedules of seminars conducted in the Netherlands area. If you sign up early, you can even get special discounts, promo codes, and other freebies. You can send us a message if you want to contact us about our products and services.


The Best Experience Ever

Photos are an expression of everything around us, the things we see and the emotions that we feel. It is capturing a portion of life as we know it. Images are what keep memories alive and celebrations intact. It is the snapshots of the environment in which we live in that makes it all worth it.
Elin Dries
Photo Blogger

Write for us

Our photo blog is not just a website full of pictures and snapshots. We also have articles and other written content that talks about photography, the intricacies that it involves, and the experiences that each photographer have during shoots. If you have a passion for writing about photography, then you can send us your personal information and your portfolio. We will contact you and give you more information about this job. We will even add some voucher codes and special discounts.

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